Property-wide Contract Management with Corporate Control

Property-wide contract management with corporate control

Learn how a single PoseidonCM license ($100/month) can standardize your property-wide contract management efforts and processes

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Contract data, dates, and documents in a single source of truth

Contracts of all Types
Vendor Agreements, Client Agreements, Permits, Licenses, Subscriptions, Certificates, Leases, Insurance (COI), Policy & Procedures, Regulatory Details, MSAs/NDAs/SOWs…, Custom Agreements, Everything in one place!
Ready to use out of the box or customized to meet your contract data, date, and document compliance requirements. Standardized processes ensure the right information is collected, tracked, and managed – every time!
Protect Against Turnover
Employees are going to leave. With them goes a vault of company information. Centralized data and mature proceses ensure your contract management processes continue without missing a beat
Mergers & Acquisitions
Stragetic growth plans include buying and selling properties. When you acquire a new property, you also acquire all the contracts and obligations associated with each. Consistency with onboarding processes will speed the adoption, reduce risk/exposure, and increase your time to value. Alternatively, when you are working with a potential buyer of a property, a well maintained and clean picture of your property contract positions will improve negotiations and ultimately your value.
Return on Investment (ROI)
An efficient contract management platform and processes will produce an immediate and long-term ROI. You will eliminate paying for products/services no longer in use, consolidate vendors to improve volume agreements, eliminate accidental contract auto-renewal contracts, and much more. Better Information. Better Decisions.
Control Access to Information
Segmented access to contract data and documents will protect the business. Corporate users will have access to all contracts, Regional Managers to the properties under their management, and Property Managers with read-only access to their property. Individuals across the organization can make requests, receive notifications and schedueld reports without any licenses. Keep the licenses and access permissions to those who need it.