Extraction Services

Welcome to Poseidon’s Contract Extraction Services

Unlock the Data Stored in Your Legacy Contracts

Discover Hidden Value: Transform your static PDF and Word documents into dynamic data. Our services enable you to unlock and utilize the rich information buried in your legacy contracts.

Enhanced Visibility and Value from Contract Data

  • Dynamic Tools for Every Need:
    • List Views: Organize and access your data seamlessly.
    • Reports: Gain in-depth insights with tailored reporting.
    • Dashboards: Visualize key metrics and trends at a glance.
    • Calendar Views: Keep track of important contract dates and tasks effortlessly.
    • Tasks: Manage and track contract-related activities with ease.

Better Information. Better Decisions. (Our tagline should always be in italics and bold.)

    Our Process

    • Locate and Import Contracts: Gather all your legacy contracts for processing.
    • Extraction Services:
      • Standard or Custom Field Extraction: Choose the level of detail you need.
      • Integration into Poseidon Records: Our Trident team meticulously extracts data and integrates it directly into Poseidon records.
      • Enhancement of Contract Management Tools: We create List Views, Reports, Dashboards, and update Contract Calendar records.
    • Client Review and Validation: Ensure accuracy and completeness with our comprehensive review process.

    How to Get Started

    • Drag and Drop: Simply drag and drop your contract into a Poseidon record.
    • Send for Extraction: Hit the ‘Send for Extraction’ button to initiate the process.
    • Notification and Review:
      • Trident Team Notification: Our team is promptly notified and begins the extraction.
      • Client Notification: You’ll be informed via email once your Poseidon record fields are updated and ready for review.

    Track and Measure Success

    • Monitor the frequency and efficacy of contract extractions through our advanced tracking tools. Gauge the impact of extraction services with dedicated metrics in List Views, Reports, and Dashboards.

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