Client Reviews

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The Trident Team consistently provides unmatched support and expertise to our warranty system. I’m always impressed with their ability to truly hear our requests and produce quality solutions that meet and exceed our expectations. Their pricing is fair and transparent. I highly recommend this business.

Pam Z.

Dealer Support, ForeverLawn

Trident’s system allowed us to easily close a gap in our processes. Poseidon’s value, ease of use, and Trident’s customer service are unmatched!

Hailey H.

Executive assistant, Claims Management Resources

Poseidon has helped us create a tailored contract management system that has met and exceeded the very complicated requirements that we laid out for them. The new system has enabled us to streamline multiple workflows that previously impacted several internal teams and reduced the manual touchpoints to almost zero.

Scott O.

Suna Solutions

Took us out of an old, clunky Access DB and got our contract management into Salesforce enabling us to scale!

Jared W.

Mass Media Group

From the time we first engaged Trident Contract Management, the team has done nothing but go above and beyond to help solve our challenges. I can’t think of a single company that has done more work to customize solutions that are needed. Not only do they help create solutions in Poseidon, but they are incredibly responsive and quick in doing so. There are so many possibilities on how to use their solutions, and Todd and the team will work to understand exactly what you need and deliver it every time.

Matthew M.

Boxout, LLC

We use the Poseidon platform in our business to track licenses, workload and much more. We have also recommended the Trident team to our Clients with great results. If you need a way to manage contracts, licensing, processes etc. I highly recommend contacting Trident. The Trident team is top notch!

Sherilyn K.

Simplicated, Inc.

We brought the Poseidon tool on two years ago, it has helped us manage contracts from start to finish with workflow history and repository needs. Very good process, great reporting and great response time when help is needed. Pleasure to work with this team. A true partner.

Richard M.

Contracts & Services, CPI

Fantastic group of people to work with!! Their customer service and follow-through are outstanding. I would highly recommend the Trident team for future projects. Congratulations on 25 years, Trident.

Geoff D.

Chief Financial Officer , Faulconer Energy, LLC

Congratulations on your 25 year anniversary! You have a great team and product! Thanks for always helping us as we grow.

Donna F.

Kane Warehousing, LLC

Working with the Trident team has always been a joy – they’re responsive, equipped to handle any question I send their way, and thoughtful, creative problem solvers. I’m super appreciative of all their hard work and look forward to continuing our work together.

Mattie R.

Arabella Advisors

Every IT group struggles with contracts and agreements, Trident contract management has been a game changer for us. The efficiencies and standardization that the Poseidon platform has given us coupled with the direct attention from our Trident account manager has given us a leg up on renewals and negotiations with our vendors. Knowing that Trident is working on our behalf and keeping us ahead of renewals, as well as what is happening in the renewal community, company by company, has immense value. Renewal headaches and surprise last minute payments or auto-renewals for services we want to migrate away from are a thing of the past. We know what is coming, well in advance and what notification we need to provide to move away from services no longer providing value to us. There is no question that the service pays for itself. Trident is one of our most valued partners.

Kyle A.

ALM Holding

The team is exceptionally knowledgeable and personable. We are very pleased.

Heather T.

State Collection Service

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Todd and the team at Trident over the past 5 years. Whenever we have a question about some random niche use case or new functionality need their team is always quick to respond and help come up with a solution that works for us. Congratulations to everyone there on the 25th anniversary, you deserve it!

Steven S.

Business Development, Hawkes Learning

Working with the Poseidon team over the past years has always been a great experience. The team is so responsive and has been able to accommodate all of our requests so that our management system is customized to our exact needs. Happy 25th anniversary and I look forward to many more years of a great collaboration.

Beatriz R.

Pipeline Health System

I can’t say enough about the service we’ve received from the Trident team. I would heartily recommend them to anyone.

Matt H.

Michigan Primary Care Association

Poseidon has bolstered our company’s productivity by increasing collaboration among departments and delivering data on-demand, every time.

Mary Z.

The St. Joe Company

Todd and his team are the best!!

Vannary M.

Noritz America