PoseidonCM/Poseidon CLM

End-to-End Contract Management

Better Information. Better Decisions

Administration Management + Document Management + Process Management = 

Centralize & Manage (CM)
Single CM License: $100/month
5-Pack of CM Licenses: $300/month
10-Pack of CM Licenses: $600/month
25-Pack of CM Licenses: $1,500/month

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
Single CLM License: $250/month
5-Pack of CLM Licenses: $1,000/month
10-Pack of CLM Licenses: $2,000/month
25-Pack of CLM Licenses: $5,000/month

Centralized Data, Dates, and Documents
Automated Alerts and Reminders
Scheduled Reports
Contract Calendar Views
Review & Approval Workflows
Intake Forms (Internal & External)
Email Templates
Customizable Record Types, Fields, and Page Layouts
Global Search (Data and Documents)
Task and Activity Tracking
Segmented List Views
Mobile Ready
Generate Contracts from Templates
Clause Library
Redline & Version Tracking
Contract Clause and Field Abstraction
Track Non-Standard Clause Terms
Electronic Signature
On-Boarding (Set-up/Dev/Training/Data Migration – Required)* $2,400.00 $5,400.00

 Single Source of Truth – Made Easy!
Centralize organization-wide contract data, dates, and documents with multiple alerts, scheduled reports, and calendar views to make sure your end-to-end contract management efforts are always proactive!

Category Examples

  • Client Agreements
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Contractor Agreements
  • Employee Agreements
  • Payer Agreements
  • Client Defined Agreements

Contract Type Examples

  • MSA, SOW, NDA, and Addendums
  •  Licenses, Permits, and Certifications
  • Subscriptions • Insurance (COI) 
  • Leases 
  • M&A, Legal Matters, and more…

Benefit Examples

  • Data & Document Compliance
  • Standardizes Processes
  • Immediate and Long Term ROI
  • Visibility into Contract Metrics
  • Protection Against Turnover
  • Single Source of Truth

    Add-on Items

    • Outlook Integration ($15/user/month)
    • CRM / ERP / Application Integration (TBD)
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Bulk Load ($1,500 per 500 documents – 30 days)
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – CLM and Document Compare Capabilities ($300/month)

    Centralize & Manage (Read-Only Limited Use) Licenses*

    • 25-Pack of CMRO Licenses: $100/month
    • 50-Pack of CMRO Licenses: $200/month
    • 100-Pack of CMRO Licenses: $350/month
    • *Limited Use: Segmented access to agreements with audit trail

    The Poseidon Difference:

    World Class Platform
    Enterprise Capabilities at Entry Level Costs
    Department to Enterprise Scalability

    Simple Onboarding (Including Data and Document Migration)
    20+ Years of Experience
    Save Time. Save Money. Reduce Risk.