Frequently Asked Questions


Where is my data stored?

PoseidonCM is built upon the safe, secure, and confidential Salesforce platform. All data and documents are collocated in dedicated spaces at top-tier data centers.

What If I want to cancel PoseidonCM?

Bummer – we don’t want to see you leave! But if you need to, please submit a request to and we will provide you with an export of all data and documents. There are also on-site backup options if that is of interest.

How many records or contracts can I store?

An unlimited number of records and documents can be stored within your PoseidonCM platform even with a single Poseidon license. If you are storing videos or very large files (i.e. CAD/CAM, MP3, …) we may need to talk about adding more document storage space.

Can I customize fields, page layouts, & more?

Absolutely! You can add your own fields, change existing page layouts, and create custom reports/dashboards at any time. We expect that your needs over time will change so the platform is designed to grow with you.

How much is the set-up?

Onboarding services range depending on the number of licenses, types of license, and client requirements. The range is generally between $2,400 – $10,000.

How long does a typical set-up take?

We can have your PoseidonCM environment up and ready to use within days but a conservative approach of 30-60 days allows us plenty of time to set-up, customize, train, and complete data/document migration efforts. Larger projects can take 90 days plus, but we will provide a project schedule prior to getting started together.