Vendor Onboarding and Compliance

Vendor Data & Document Compliance - Everytime!

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Vendor Contract Compliance - It's no accident

Define vendor categories, subcategories, and tiers. Determine what data and documents are required for each. Outline who needs to be involved internally and at what steps in the process
Intake Form
Review internal forms or use Poseidon templates. The intake form should be dynamic so the questions and required data and documents are the results of previous answers. Make sure you are collecting the right data and documents as a first step.
Risk Assessment
Automate an email with a risk assessment survey to intake form requestor. These are weighted questions that will help establish the tier of the new vendor. Examples: Will the Vendor be onsite? Will the vendor have access to our network? ....
Vendor Tier
The initial vendor tier will be created based on the weighted risk assessment answers (i.e Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3). These response will be automatically routed to the IT Security/Compliance team to validate the initial tier level is correct or update as needed
Vendor Onboarding
The new vendor onboarding email template will be sent from Poseidon to the vendor contact. The vendor contact will be responsible for the data and documents that are requested based on their vendor tier. The data and document responses will be collected directly int Poseidon via a new vendor onboarding intake form (link in the email).
Compliance Review
Automated reminder and escalation rules are in place to conitnue to reach out to the vendor for missing data and document requests. List Views, Reports, and Dashboards will track sent, pending, and completed. All responses will be reviewed and validated by the contract/compliance team.