Automated Regulatory Surveys (PFAS, Prop 65, …)

Learn how a single PoseidonCM license ($100/month) can automated your delivery and response compliance efforts to save time and reduce risk.

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Bulk Uploads
With a onetime bulk upload of all vendor’s item numbers and adding the appropriate contact, surveys and attestations are sent out by email with a push of a button.
Reminders and Escalation Rules
Weekly reminder emails are automatically sent until the survey is completed. After “x” number of attempts, compliance team members are notified and scheduled non-response reports are delivered to the team
Electronic Signature Included
Attestations are signed electronically with an executed company automated added to the record and the signer(s) receive an email with a fully executed copy for their records.
Personalized Email Templates
Email templates are sent from your email address and are personalized so that vendors are familiar with the language and the request
Dashboards, Reports, & List Views
Easy access to your survey results. What has been sent, how may times, to whom, and hom many have been completed this month, this quarter, and/or this year. Export the results and share with others in the organization.
Manufacturer and Distribution relationships are built on contracts. The old saying “”contracts only matter when they matter”” is very true when it comes to regulatory audits. It is essential to have automated plans in place to continually review and update products details and compliance efforts.