PoseidonCM Overview

Contract Management Solution


Better Information. Better Decisions.

PoseidonCM is cloud-base contract management application for organization-wide data, dates, and documents. Built on the world-class Salesforce.com platform, your security, compliance, mobile, and 24×7 accessibility requirements will be met and exceeded.

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Reduce Risk

When additional functionality is required that is outside the native PoseidonCM capabilities, we have the added advantage to mix and match best-of-breed technologies (Conga, WebMerge, NetDocuments, Commercient…) to meet contract creation, redlining, clause library, electronic signature, CRM/ERP integration, and many more contract management requirements. This open API architecture is a key market differentiator for PoseidonCM.

Vendor Agreements

(Master Service Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Certificates of Insurance, Addendums, Maintenance Renewals, Warranties)

Client Agreements

(Service/Support Renewals, Product/Service Contracts, Location Hierarchies, Special Terms & Conditions, Preventative Maintenance, Quotes and Invoices)

Employee Agreements

(Employee Contracts, Consultant Contracts, Certifications, Non-Compete, Termination, Worker’s Compensation, W-2, Security Agreements)

Other Agreements

(Compliance, Property, Policy & Procedure, Custom Contracts)