Features and Benefits

World-Class Secure and Stable Platform

Trident’s contract management application (PoseidonCM) is built on the safe, secure, and confidential Salesforce Platform. This solid foundation allows us to focus on delivering flexible contract management solutions in a secure cloud-based platform.

The scalability of the platform is also an enormous advantage. Clients can start with a single PoseidonCM license and grow across the organization at their own pace.

Over 150,000 businesses entrust Salesforce to safeguard their data in the cloud. The Salesforce Platform, is a rock-solid foundation that’s been continuously upgraded and refined with over 16 years of innovation.

Alerts & Reminders

Sleep better — never miss another important date!

  • Multiple touch points for every reminder
  • Calendar View
  • Stoplight Page (30-60-90-120 Day View)
  • Email alerts with Intake Forms
  • Escalation processes for non-responses
  • Internal and External reminders – Reports (Stock, Custom, and Scheduled) –
  • Dashboards



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Search Capabiltities

Storing organization-wide data, dates, and documents is a fantastic idea only if you have multiple ways to access and search that information. PoseidonCM allows you full search access to all platform fields and within stored documents. We also provide a filtered search option that will help you find something with only a few pieces of information.

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Reports & Dashboards

A core strength to the PoseidonCM platform are the reporting and dashboard capabilities.

  • List Views
  • Kanban Views
  • Stock or Custom Reports
  • Home Page Dashboard and Dashboard Folders
  • Easy-to-create reports and convert options to dashboards
  • Scheduled and emailed reports
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Permissions and Access Rights

Each PoseidonCM license can be set with a unique profile. This allows individuals or grouped users to only have access to records and documents that are defined for that profile. You can also create Read Only access if you prefer end-users to only view records and not have access to documents.

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Best-of-Breed Technologies

With Salesforce as the foundation platform for PoseidonCM, we have the ability to mix and match other applications that help our clients solve their specific contract management challenges. Conga, WebMerge, NetDocuments are a few examples. We can also integrate with other applications via the open API architecture of PoseidonCM via middleware providers like Commercient.

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Workflow and Process Builders

Workflow and process builders are the keys to a successful contract management solution implementation. All contract management solutions should help you cover the basics, but it is the truly exceptional platforms that allow you to customize the workflow and process builders to work well within your specific needs and requirements. If you can provide Trident with a vision of your ideal-world contract management processes, we can help you achieve it!

End-to-End Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract lifecycle management efforts are an end-to-end workflow throughout the contract’s active life. It starts with the initiation of the request, flows through the contract creation and negotiation process, on downstream to the ongoing tracking and managing of the terms, and ends with the retention and removal of contracts. Whatever your process steps are, PoseidonCM has you covered.

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We are here for you! Connect with us via our contact page, via phone at (608) 276-1909, or email at support@poseidoncm.com. We will get back to you within 48 hours to answer any support questions you have.

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What Customers Say

PoseidonCM was a system that led our expensive and inefficient construction project tracking process to saving us time, money, and reducing risk almost immediately. We were able to get away from spreadsheets and manage the stages of the project bid/chase/award process in a central location without missing opportunities. Additionally, we were able to better measure our win/loss percentage.

Director of Sales

Automation and Electrical Products Distributor

The PoseidonCM solution provides the tools and resources necessary to effectively manage our vendor risk, resulting in cost savings to our organization, and reduction of overall risk to our business.

VP Vendor Management

Financial Technology and Solution Provider

PoseidonCM consistently delivers a vendor, contract and asset management solution that delivers value above and beyond. I successfully negotiate and organize massive amounts of data because of their fantastic team and iron-clad process.

PMO Coordinator

Transportation and Payment Integrator

I have worked in IT for over 16 years, and half of that time I have worked with PoseidonCM. I remember the days before PoseidonCM, and vendor management was a continual challenge. Thanks to PoseidonCM, we no longer miss a renewal deadline, don’t have to search for contracts and vendor information in multiple places, or negotiate the best deal. PoseidonCM is, and will continue to be, a valued partner.

Contract Manager

Educational Solutions

PoseidonCM was one of several companies that we looked into for our contract management services. We decided to go with PoseidonCM because of the endless customization that is offered and the cost and time savings that accompanied it.

General Counsel

Hospice and Palliative Care

PoseidonCM delivers the visibility into our vendor and client contracts to help us protect our bottom line and improve our top line. No more missed renewal dates and all data, dates, and contracts in a single source of truth. Finally!

VP Finance

HVAC Manufacturer

Onboarding new vendors was a process pain point for us. Every department was able to engage with vendors without a centralized process of review. PoseidonCM made it easy for organization wide staff to submit details and contracts to our team so we could follow our vetting and onboarding processes.

Compliance Coordinator

Health Insurance

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