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PoseidonCM is stand-alone contract management application built on the industry leading Salesforce.com platform.  This world-class foundation provides the peace of mind that your safety, security, compliance, and 24×7 accessibility requirements will be met and exceeded.

It also delivers an easy-to-use feature rich platform that can be customized to manage contracts of all types and automated workflow that are designed to work within your existing processes. When additional functionality is required that is outside the native PoseidonCM capabilities, we have the added advantage to mix and match best-of-breed technologies (Conga, WebMerge, NetDocuments, Commercient…) to meet contract creation, redlining, clause library, electronic signature, CRM/ERP integration, and many more contract management requirements. This open API architecture is a key market differentiator for PoseidonCM.

Benefits of this approach

The benefits of starting with a world-class platform and having the capability to mix and match best-of-breed technologies are significant. They allow you to start small, keep investment and risk low, and solve specific contract management challenges. As your needs grow, you can scale across the organization at a pace that meets your timeline and budget. This approach also means that you have access to latest technologies and only purchase what you need when you need it.

Types of Agreements

  • Vendor Agreements (Master Service Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Certificates of Insurance, Addendums, Maintenance Renewals, Warranties)
  • Client Agreements (Service/Support Renewals, Product/Service Contracts, Location Hierarchies, Special Terms & Conditions, Preventative Maintenance, Quotes and Invoices)
  • Employee Agreements (Employee Contracts, Consultant Contracts, Certifications, Non-Compete, Termination, Worker’s Compensation, W-2, Security Agreements)
  • Other Agreements (Compliance, Property, Policy & Procedure, Custom Contracts)


These are just a few of the questions we are often asked about PoseidonCM. Please get in touch,  if you have further queries one of our team is here to help.

Where is my data stored?

PoseidonCM is built upon the safe, secure, and confidential Salesforce platform. All data and documents are collocated in dedicated spaces at top-tier data centers. (http://trust.salesforce.com/trust/learn/datacenters)

What If I want to cancel PoseidonCM

Bummer – we don’t want to see you leave! But if you need to, please submit a request to support@poseidoncm.com and we will provide you with an export of all data and documents.

How many records or contracts can I store

You can make an unlimited number of Vendor and Client records and store an unlimited number of documents (after 100,000 documents we will contact you)

Can I customize fields, page layouts, & more?

Absolutely! You can add your own fields and change existing page layouts at any time. We expect that your needs over time will change so the platform is designed to grow with you.

How much is the set-up?

Onboarding services range depending on the number of licenses, types of license, and client requirements. The range is generally between $2,400 – $10,000.

How long does a typical set-up take?

We can have your PoseidonCM environment up and ready to use within days but a conservative approach of 30 days allows us plenty of time to set-up, customize, train, and complete data/document migration efforts.

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What Customers Say

PoseidonCM was a system that led our expensive and inefficient construction project tracking process to saving us time, money, and reducing risk almost immediately. We were able to get away from spreadsheets and manage the stages of the project bid/chase/award process in a central location without missing opportunities. Additionally, we were able to better measure our win/loss percentage.

Director of Sales

Automation and Electrical Products Distributor

The PoseidonCM solution provides the tools and resources necessary to effectively manage our vendor risk, resulting in cost savings to our organization, and reduction of overall risk to our business.

VP Vendor Management

Financial Technology and Solution Provider

PoseidonCM consistently delivers a vendor, contract and asset management solution that delivers value above and beyond. I successfully negotiate and organize massive amounts of data because of their fantastic team and iron-clad process.

PMO Coordinator

Transportation and Payment Integrator

I have worked in IT for over 16 years, and half of that time I have worked with PoseidonCM. I remember the days before PoseidonCM, and vendor management was a continual challenge. Thanks to PoseidonCM, we no longer miss a renewal deadline, don’t have to search for contracts and vendor information in multiple places, or negotiate the best deal. PoseidonCM is, and will continue to be, a valued partner.

Contract Manager

Educational Solutions

PoseidonCM was one of several companies that we looked into for our contract management services. We decided to go with PoseidonCM because of the endless customization that is offered and the cost and time savings that accompanied it.

General Counsel

Hospice and Palliative Care

PoseidonCM delivers the visibility into our vendor and client contracts to help us protect our bottom line and improve our top line. No more missed renewal dates and all data, dates, and contracts in a single source of truth. Finally!

VP Finance

HVAC Manufacturer

Onboarding new vendors was a process pain point for us. Every department was able to engage with vendors without a centralized process of review. PoseidonCM made it easy for organization wide staff to submit details and contracts to our team so we could follow our vetting and onboarding processes.

Compliance Coordinator

Health Insurance

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